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I take commissions for cute plushie:

- brooches
- hair clips
- barrettes
- keychains
- cellphone straps

This means that the things that you see below can be turned into any of the options above.

These are some examples of my work:

- Shooting star brooches (12x8cm approx) $12

- Doble Star Brooch with Chain (stars are 8x8cm approx) $14

- Sprinkled star with chain (star is 8x8cm approx) $12

- Message candy brooches (8x8cm approx) $6

- Star brooches/hairclips $4

- Pony brooches (16x10cm approx) $16

Fabrics available:


- pink
- light blue
- lavender
- yellow
- green

Other colors:

- black
- white
- blue
- purple
- sax
- brown
- beige
- red
- green
- dark blue
- yellow
- grey

Plastic chains:

- pink
- light blue
- white
- mint

Plastic stars:

- orange
- magenta
- violet
- blue
- green
- yellow (not available atm)


- multiple pastels
- brown
- pink
- transparent pink


- Paypal (fees will be added to your total)
- Western Union
- Concealed cash

For further information on commissions please check the link below. I can make anime plushies and other cute creatures (bunnies, kitties, food with faces, etc)

There you'll also find exact shipping rates depending on weight and location.



hi! ^^

shipping and handling to germany is $4.30 and the total including shipping fees $21.44

i'll invoice you now and screen the comment. if there is any problem i can just cancel or modify the invoice :)

thank you!
* i meant "the total including paypal fees" XP
Hi, I just paid! Sorry it took so long, I´ve been away for some time
it's ok ^^
I'll let you know when the things are finished :)
I'm so sorry for the delay! This is your order:


Shall I ship it to the address on Paypal?
Aw thank you <3
Yes please, adress in paypal is right
I mailed your package out yesterday. Let me know when you receive it please ^^

hi dear, unfortunately i haven't received the package yet but I guess the post is low because of Ch

Hi dear, unfortunately I haven't received the stuff yet but I guess the post is slow because of Christmas.
I hope you had some nice holidays and I wish you a Happy New Year

Re: hi dear, unfortunately i haven't received the package yet but I guess the post is low because o

oh really?? but I mailed it out on the 29th of november! that's almost one month ago D: I really hope it eventually shows up. my penpal who is from europe, told me that the mail has been really slow there because of the snow and that a letter from her to another friend in france took one month to arrive :(
Hello! I'd like to order a brooch/chain! Should I place the order here or...?
hi! yes please, let me know exactly what you'd like to order :)
Okay thank you! I think I know what I want now lol.
I'd like a shooting star brooch/clip with the same colors you have in the second pic you have listed in your journal but with sprinkles. I was wondering if on the star you can make it look like there is pink icing dripping? :)
I'd also like a brooch/clip pony with sprinkles too! (http://www.freewebs.com/violetlunchell/apps/photos/photo?photoid=76991570 same colors as that)
Thank you!

I can add the sprinkles and the "icing" to the star :)

So, you want the shooting star and the pony to be both brooches and hairclips? If that's so, take into account that the hairclips I have are pretty small and I don't think they'll be able to keep the plushies on your hair. I do have mini barrettes that may work. Like the first one in this pic http://ribbonqueen.com/store/images/frenchychart.jpg

Please confirm this to me and I'll tell you how much the total will be :)

That's great! Thank you.

Hm...I'll just go with both of them being brooches. Thank you!
okies, then the pony is $16 and so is the custom made brooch. if you're in north or south america regular shipping is $3.60. if you're located somewhere else it's $4.10.

if everything is ok leave your paypal address and i'll invoice you.

thanks! :)
Invoiced! I'll screen the comment with your PP address :)
Paid! And thank you~~
I received your payment. I'll let you know when your order is ready. Probably by the end of next week :)
Thank you so much! I can't wait to hear from you! ♥
Hello! Just wondering if there was any update on the items? :) Thank you~
they're almost finished :)
i'll try to take a photo of them tomorrow ;)
Thank you for letting me know!
I finished your commission! :) But I didn't have time to take a photo. I will do it tomorrow :)
Yay! Thank you for letting me know~
;A; omg they are so cuteee. Thank you so much~~
The icing looks great too!
I'm glad you like them :)
I'll let you know when I mail them out.
shipped today! let me know when you receive the package please :)
Thank you so much! And I will!
Hello! I got the package today! They look so cute~~
Would you like me to leave you feedback? I'd appreciate it if you left me some here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/564496.html

Thank you again~~!
I'm glad the package arrived safely ^^

This is my feedback page:

I'll leave you feedback right away :)

Thank you!
Thank you! I left you feedback :)
thanks! :)

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