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My Wishlist!!!

Waaaaaa!!! There are too many things that I wanna get but I'll never get them TT______TT

I like making wishlists but It's quite depressing...

If you want to trade or you're Santa Claus you should take a look at the following links ;)


Fuwa Fuwa Mashumaron GOT IT!

Cream Land GOT IT!

Sweet Times GOT IT!

Pururun Purinchanzu GOT IT!

That Made Me Happy GOT IT!

Sui-to Ke-ki Chan GOT IT!

Puru Puru Tamago no tamachan GOT IT!

Cute Sweets GOT IT!

Sui-to Pafe Taimu GOT IT!

Mochikko Chan GOT IT!

Milk Chocolate

Osora no Sanpo

Miruku no Kuni no Miruku Chan GOT IT!

Yakitate! Be-kari- GOT IT!

Sweet Land (Asobimemo)

Pretty Ice GOT IT!

Happii Ranchi Sandocchi

Panda Be-kari-

Sui-to Ke-ki Chan Waku Waku Nurie DE Memo

Sui-to Pafe Taimu Tegami DE Origami

Onsen Manjyuu Kun


Kuma Ichigo GOT IT!

Chocotto Furenzu

Nya Nya Donyatsu

Toro-ri Yo-gurun GOT IT!

Howa Howa Kurimu Chan GOT IT!

Bear's Sweet Home GOT IT!

Mocchiri Daifuku GOT IT!

Kyarameru Rando GOT IT!


Pururun Purinchanzu Rubber Stamps

Pururun Purinchanzu Stickers Sheet GOT IT!

Purin Chan Stickers Sheet


L Nendoroid  GOT IT!

L Change the World Trading Figure Set GOT IT!

L Real Action Heroe

L Nendoroid Reindeer

Toushiro Hitsugaya Bleach Styling Gashapon

Lelouch Figma

Lelouch Picture Studio1

Lelouch Picture Studio2

Lelouch EX Portraits

Lelouch Prop Plus Petit

Lelouch Voice I Doll

Persona 3 Hero figure


Death Note How to read

Death Note: Another Note

And much more things!!! XDD



I have kawaii stationary...
Not the same though. And I could send it to you in sheets.
But perhaps we could do a trade?

Re: Hmm...

Ah, shucks. :'(
What would you be willing to trade?

Re: Hmm...

Ah, shucks. :'(
What would you be willing to trade?

I mean, other than above x3.

Re: Hmm...

Ah, shucks.
I don't have either of those...

I fail D:.

You don't do that pen pal swapping thing either? ;-;

Re: Hmm...

Yeah, I just joined a couple of days ago xD.
See? I fail! :3

Basically...stationary ;-;.

Re: Hmm...

I will do all of this as soon as possible!
Seeing as I'm getting out of school soon, it'll be easier! ^^

Re: Hmm...

Thank you! ^^
i have the change the world set.. but my brother clamed misa is there a specifc one you wanted ^^ i have 2 rems one is the specil color one ..
okies ..contact me on deviantart you know me already
iam-crazy-666 ^^ i'll toss in rem too
I have a question on how the trade thing works... Do we send you something we already have? Like, I have Death Note: Another Note, so would I send you my copy? Or would I go order one online and have it sent to you so you have a new one? And then does the value of whatever we send you have to be equal to a plushie value?

And I'm sorry if they're silly questions, I just wasn't sure.
They sell "Dn: Another note" and "DN how to read" at my bookstore. Do you still want those? I want to give you something to say thanks for all the plushies you've made me in the past. I know I'm such a picky customer :<

aww you're so considerate *hug*
I'll contact you through DA ^^
Hi. I am sorry to comment on your personal journal, but I cannot answer PMs at work due to the firewall. Feel free to delete this message after you read it. You can email me at chibitruffles AT gmail DOT com to ensure I can contact you quickly from now on, just please mention your LJ name when emailing.

Concerning the item you listed in your PM. I cannot buy this item. I am currently auctioning it off on the sales community, so I cannot do a service for it (I cannot get another one at the momemt). In the event I can get another one in the future (if they restock), then I will only be able to a service for the ring at the high bid (to be fair to the bidder, I don't think it's fair to offer an item for a lower price after I have auctioned it off).

Here is a link to the auction:

Also, I have decided to raise my fees since you last contacted me. My comission fee is now 5% (up from 3%). I wanted to let you know for furture reference.
Oh, unfortunately, I didn't see your post, otherwise I'd have offered.
Well, thanks anyway.
Hi! They had a white/pink and a white/black ring in the store today. They also had a white/pink bangle.

I would be willing to to try and get the ring if you were willing to pay $42 shipped via airmail, which is what the pink/pink ring went for on my auction.

I would be willing to get the bangle for a flat rate of $43, this is what I usually sell my bangles for when I list them. Please let me know, you'll probably need to get back to me quickly, as I don't think they will last long ><;;
I'm only interested in the sax ring :(
Anyway, it's quite expensive to me...
Thanks for your help!
Sorry for the random comment~ Was looking at other loli profiles randomly, haha. I just wanted to say....


love your icon!
Thank you! Your icon is adorable too!<3

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